Room: Comfortable, cozy, wonderful. Pictures will be posted in the coming days.

Kitchen: Huge. As is common room.

Bathrooms: Notice the plural. Yes. There are two of them, for five people.

Today has been wonderful, if overwhelming. It has involved some bit of alcohol (less for me, more for others), some jet-legged hilarity from friends who have come off long flights from far-flung places, and much bonding over the exchange of secretive information. I find this often happens when first living with people. It is a way to ensure a comforting and comfortable intimacy with others. Effective, if occasionally dangerous. However, I don’t feel threatened in this instance. Instead, I feel surprisingly comfortable. As if things will actually work out. Perhaps the presence of castles nearby helps.

Little Red Riding Hood needn’t meet a Big Bad Wolf. The story can be different. She can meet a tame German Shepherd and reach Grandma’s House safe and sound. Here’s hopin’!


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