Friday. It rained on and off, mercifully mostly off, but the skies were gray (or is it grey?) for much of the morning. Wadham’s very own 24/7 library is a dream, full of natural light streaming in from every available corner, catching the rare English sunlight whenever it can. The librarians are sweethearts; frizzy-haired rail-thin woman and shy, little-eye-contact man. Very helpful in finding the two required books for essay, due Wednesday, Tuesday night for better feedback and fuller discussion.
Errands at Boswells, a department store full of all things, as well as student discount acquired. Successful journey. Bank account, however, still unopened. Monday, perhaps? Here’s hoping.
A screening of The Full Monty. Poignant film. Forgot about the implication of male love affair.
Hurried walk back to flat, catching up on pleasure reading for the first time in ages. Felt wonderful. Leg muscles breathed sigh of relief as well.
Studied, or attempted to, and talked to friends who joined at table. Conversation derailed into discussions of the ball that Wadham will be hosting in spring.

Saturday. Woke up early to true-blue sky. The cold air was brisk and pure, providing excellent refreshment for walk, taken before nourishment. Discovered long route, for pedestrians and bikes both, past playing fields that turn into real fields that become, eventually, the outskirts of another town that borders Oxford.
Breakfasted with Mother, eggs and toast and good conversation and just-us-solitude. Took bus down to city center to meet long-beloved friend for coffee and muffin before dashing back to library for another bout of studying.
Afternoon, took tour of Blenheim Palace, in Woodstock, the home of the Duke of Marlborough and the birthplace of Winston’s Churchill. House and grounds were amazing. Library is wasted, as never used by anyone except tourists passing through. Books are beautifully sealed inside depressing cages.

Studying, writing, socializing, bed.


3 thoughts on “Gateways

  1. Ha, I love The Full Monty. So funny. And full of Sheffield accents. ^__^

    Everything sounds so wonderful (library! fields! upcoming ball!?); hope you’re having a great time! Happy studying! (And all the best on opening your bank account with little-to-no trouble!)

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