Two long tables in the room upstairs at The Mitre in Oxford were full to the brimming with interesting people tonight. A variety of characters moved from one to the other, playing a game of musical chairs (without the music) or participating in the Mat Hatter’s tea party (with beer replacing the tea). The Mitre’s function room was a tad too big, spilling over as it did into two large rooms as big as the restaurant and pub downstairs, so to keep it simple everyone did the natural thing and crowded around as small a space as possible. Cozy. Cosy?

History, English Literature, Classics, PPE, Law – these and others were present. There was mingling, commingling and intermingling that was frankly hard to keep track, including several cross-college, cross-year, cross-subject friendships preexisting the event or else created on the spot. Enthusiasm was in high demand and was willingly supplied as a remarkable amount of gossip, nostalgia and new information passed between talking heads and gesturing hands over (sometimes precariously) clutched glasses.

The high ups were spotted going downstairs twice for pints. Two of the middling-lows went out for a smoking break with a has-been-also-current. Everyone has their vices.

Presses roll, people reel, pubs rule, please read.


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