Lock, stock and barrel

A long absence makes the heart grow fonder? Maybe? No, probably not. But here’s the thing, this term has been properly crazy. Having two jobs to do at the OxStu, an amateur choir to sing in, a social life to try to keep up with. a major depressive episode to stave off, an immune system to support while everyone around my was getting ill, friends on two other continents to stay in touch with (more or less successfully), and, on top of all that, the usual two tutorials’ workload to juggle… Well, having all that on my plate made for some very rude eating habits that led to some remarks about biting off more than I can chew. But hey, I’ve licked my plate clean, and despite the fact that my use of all these food metaphors points to an unhealthy frame of mind, I’m still relatively stable. Three cheers for Oxford wonders and miracles!

Speaking of wonders, what’s the deal with Oxford and Alice in Wonderland? A very dear friend of mine is visiting from Israel, and she pointed out that there is lots of merchandise sold around here that is AiW-themed. Walking from Waterstones to Wadham today, I also realised for the first time that yes, duh, that sign advertising the ‘Mad Hatter’ tours has always been there. I know that Lewis Carol was a linguist, but was he an Oxford linguist? I could, of course, google this, but to be honest, I don’t care all that much. I love the Alice books, but they are wondrous on their own and I don’t need them to be connected to a real place in order to enjoy them.

Anywho, the weight of the work hasn’t yet left my shoulders. It doesn’t seem to have registered, quite yet, that I’m done with work. I still have some articles to upload, an application for a scholarship to send off, some obligations to fulfil. To be honest, though, I think it’s more than that – I think that the mindset of constant-work-mixed-with-intense-play is one that is very difficult to get rid of, especially once term becomes such a routine of muchness.

Because it’a rainy and gloomy, it seems fitting to end on some kind of moral or lesson. My kind, of course. So, if there are three things that I will take away with me from this term, Hilary Term 2013, they are these:
1. Gray weather makes me grumpy.
2. The Wadham Men’s Room has a lock. Use it.
3. Park End isn’t as bad as people told me it was going to be. Clubbing is awesome, kind of no matter what, because dancing is awesome.


One thought on “Lock, stock and barrel

  1. You are amazing, Ilana! Hold on there! Sounds like you have been ridiculously mad busy. I hope things settle down to a level you’re comfortable with, and that you have less stress pressing down on you.

    Does that mean your year is almost done? Or do you still have another term? Hope everything is going well (albeit mad-busily)! And hope you’re feeling better mentally and physically.

    Many many many hugs!

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